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HIMSS Analytics Survey Demonstrates Widespread Use associated with Mobile Phones to Assistance Individual Treatment Activities
Surveyed IT professionals through major U.S. 5 % regarding respondents now offer an app marketplace, and also 11 % tend to be considering the creation of a marketplace within the future.
Use of mobile devices through physicians to view individual info or access non-protected health information is widespread, and the % regarding clinicians making use of apps for you to actively engage in immediate affected person treatment has exploded in the past yr in the amount of important areas, including:

« We anticipate which use involving the unit will increase considerably within the long term as physicians continue to recognize the want for this technology, » says Anthony Shimkin, senior director of selling with regard to Qualcomm Life. Half associated with IT professionals responding to the 2nd Annual HIMSS Mobile technology Survey, sponsored by simply Qualcomm Life, Inc., a new subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, indicated the utilization associated with mobile technologies would substantially impact individual treatment delivery, along with another 16 % reporting that will mobile technology will dramatically change the way forward for healthcare delivery.
The majority associated with respondents (56 percent) perform for any stand-alone hospital, although 19 percent work for any hospital which is portion of your delivery system along with 16 percent just function at their own organization’s corporate offices.

Two-thirds involving health IT executives indicate which the utilization of mobile technologies will substantially as well as dramatically impact the particular delivery regarding healthcare in the future

Funding: IT specialists were involved funding wouldn’t normally are present to completely implement the necessary cellular devices to implement their mobile strategy. Two-thirds reported their organization features a mobile technologies plan in place, up from the 38 % associated with respondents that reported this in 2011. Merely 4 percent associated with respondents perform with an ambulatory facility.

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Healthcare organizations are generally getting steps to always be able to protect information accessed together with mobile devices, including practically universal use of passwords along with data encryption technologies, as well as boundaries surrounding the actual data in which may be stored upon mobile devices; 83 % associated with IT specialists noted the devices utilized by their particular clinicians do not retain patient-specific information. However, there exists a reluctance to offer apps for you to consumers; simply 13 percent involving respondents indicated in which his or her organizations had developed an app pertaining to patient/consumer use.

Half of the survey respondents (52 percent) hold the title regarding Director of IT along with thirty percent are usually Chief Details Officers (CIOs).

42 percent involving respondents tend to be responsible for their own organization’s mobile technologies policy;39 % associated with respondents sit on the committee from their own organization that will develops mobile technology policy; and18 percent associated with respondents are accountable for implementing mobile technology from their own organization.

News & Exclusives

Other survey findings include:

Read your white paper 2nd Annual HIMSS Mobile technology Survey, around the HIMSS Analytics website.
Despite concerns concerning funding and also security, use of cellular devices will expand inside the future, according for the survey results. « The availability of this type of data, when utilized correctly, can enhance patient care, potentially preventing a lot more pricey care through identifying potential places of interest earlier. »

Methodology: HIMSS Analytics conducted the particular web-based and telephone-based analysis with 180 IT professionals throughout October and also November 2012. more compared to one-quarter involving respondents (27 percent) are still implementing a new mobile technology plan.Use associated with apps by clinicians is widespread at organizations; approximately 1 / 2 of survey respondents reported they tend to be heading to improve their own use involving apps in the subsequent 12 months.
HIMSS Analytics – about Us
Despite the actual positive impact mobile technologies could get about the healthcare market, there are barriers to its adoption. Specifically:

. Almost All survey respondents were needed to possess some role inside their organization’s mobile technologies environment.

« Mobile devices can easily supply enhanced usage of affected person information, putting information into the hands involving clinicians anytime, anywhere, » mentioned Jennifer Horowitz, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Senior Director, Research, for HIMSS Analytics. A Lot More when compared with one-third associated with respondents (36 percent) reported allowing patients/consumers a chance to access info using a mobile device, up coming from 32 % 1 12 months ago. (December 3, 2012) – Use of mobile technology has the capability to not only improve access to individual data, which includes enhanced capability regarding clinicians to acquire into info through remote locations, but tend to furthermore transform the way healthcare will be delivered in the United States. hospital methods noted that will mobile technologies was nearly all likely to benefit affected person treatment either in pharmacy management, which includes the capacity to generate medication reminders or carry out medication reconciliation; or perhaps treatment facilitation over the healthcare continuum, such as monitoring patients remotely as well as assessing post-acute readmissions.

Respondents still characterize their own mobile maturity as average – 3.33 on the scale of 1 for you to seven, exactly where seven is extremely mature.One-quarter involving respondents reported that most data captured via mobile devices is actually integrated immediately into the organization’s EHR.Nearly most IT experts reported which his or her organizations supply mobile phones for you to clinicians to support day-to-day function activities. Three-quarters associated with IT experts noted they are generally going to expand the employment regarding these devices within the future, with the greatest growth projected for your use of tablet computers.

Collection of information in the bedside (45 % compared to 30 percent);Use associated with bar code reader in mobile phones (38 % in comparison to be able to 23 percent);Monitoring data from healthcare devices (34 % in contrast to be able to 27 percent); andCapture visual representation regarding patient information (27 percent in contrast for you to 13 percent).
Security involving patient data: IT experts also reported clinicians are worried in regards for you to the capability to secure information accessed on mobile devices, despite the actual widespread efforts devote location through healthcare organizations to secure affected person data. That They are:
Healthcare organizations will in addition be increasingly providing patients/consumers with access to mobile phones to promote healthcare

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